Surround yourself with love, not friends.

Today im HAPPY! I feel like anything is possible.
The summer is here(well, allmost), I love my job, I love my family & friends.
Can't wait to go and see Nicky Minaj live with my favorites!! Wihoo.
I couldn't be more proud, my sisters are the best! Big sis is working with something that she LOVES and the little one is graduating soon and is going to support me my whole life. Lol.

Anyways, im at work right now, going home at 4 and then to the City with the family.

MUSIC IS LIFE! I wouldn't last one day at work without it!

Okej psykos haha hade bara lust o skriva allt på engelska, och ursäkta om det är stavfel osv men 100 år sen jag gick i skolan ock skrev engelska. Hihi. PUSS!


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